• Buttercream of your choice
• 8″ Cake
• 10″ cake card
• Palette knife
• Serrated knife for cutting cake
• 650g Sugar paste
• Smothers
• Large rolling pin

For this specific cake I did a mini rainbow cake: colours: teal, yellow and red.

icing a cake 1

1. Layer and fill your cakes with buttercream.

2. With a sharp serrated knife, cut. Cut out half an oval just at the edge of your cake. It is always better to take small portions off than to try and put it back onto the cake. When you are happy with your shape, gently brush off the crumbs and rest cake aside.

icing a cake 2

3. With medium consistency buttercream, put a very thin layer of icing on your cake and pop in the fridge to crust over. Once crusted over put another layer of buttercream and put back in the fridge to set.

icing a cake 3

Rolling out your fondant
1. Knead your sugar paste to a smooth consistency and lightly dust your work area with icing sugar.

knead icing

2. Using your large rolling pin, begin to roll out your sugar paste. Try to work your

knead icing 2
3. paste into a round shape, remember your cake is round.

4. When you have the correct diameter for your cake, flip your sugarpaste unto your rolling pin and coat the cake with the paste.
5. Use your hands to gently press the paste unto the cake, working your way from top to bottom(this prevents air pockets)
6. Use your smoothers to smooth the cake, with the rounded edge of your smooth push the paste at the bottom unto the cake. Cut the excess Sugarpaste off from around the cake using a tapered knife, be sure not to cut into your cake.

icing a cake

Colors for the rose leaves
Purple, teal, green, yellow, orange and red….
With a large individual rose cutter, cut out 10 of each petals. Place in a petal shaper.