Greetings and Happy Holidays

We hope you are safely enjoying the Christmas holidays, wherever you are….

I’ve recently realized that I cannot for the life of me make a ribbon bow.. I tried and tried and I just can’t. My last attempt practically left me in tears as it was for a wedding cake, I had to improvise and it came out beautifully.

Good news is….I love making Surgarbows, here is a really quick tutorial of how to make one…


  • Modelling paste (colour of your choice)
  • Small rolling pin
  • Cutting wheel
  • Small paint brush and water
  1. Use a colour modelling paste of your choice, roll your paste thin. Using your cutting wheel cut a rectangular shape out depending on the size of bow you want to make.
  2. Turn over paste on the opposite side and tuck the edge in.
  3. Flip your paste back over and starting at the edge, start to gather the paste inwards to create small ruffles.
  4. Tuck the last ruffle under so it’s neat and tidy
  5. Pinch both the tops and middle of bow
  6. Flip your paste over, so the edges that are tucked under are now on top, with a wet paintbrush, wet the middle of the bow that is pinched and fold in one of the corners to meet in the wet middle
  7. Wet the centre again and fold in the other corner of the bow

To make bow centre

  1. Roll out the same colour modelling paste and cut out a small square
  2. Repeat step 2
  3. Pinch both edges. Wet both edges and fold around your bow centre and secure.