PICKnMIX Collection

The PICKnMIX collection is a no-hassle cake line, for those wanting a more budget but still gorgeous design.

PICKnMIX cakes are priced by the whole cake. They have a straight forward ordering process so you can easily get the wedding cake checked off your list. PICKnMIX cakes match any event and come in a variety of styles, with handmade sugarflowers included (minor design customisation are also available). PICKnMIX cakes come in set sizes ranging from 29 serving portions to 200+, and pricing starts from £200.

Mix and match styles and flowers in the photo below. Create your cake in 4 easy steps!

STEP 1: Choose a style 

We can create your cake in four different styles ( example photos below):

The Cascade – 4 tier smooth Sugarpaste for a clean finish; comes with either a pearl border or ribbon of your color scheme and large open roses cascading up and around the cake.

The Simple Perfection – 3 tier cake with Sugarpaste for a smooth finish, large handmade ribbon bow with a centre brooch, comes with or without flowers on top

The Classic – 3 tier, this cake can be coated in sugar paste or buttercream finish. Adorns with a large bouquet on top tier, sugar paste lace pieces with piping.

Top Side & bottom – 3 tier double height

STEP 2: Choose flower placement

Let us know the types/colours of flowers you’ll be using at your wedding, and we’ll do our best to get the exact or close to colours to decorate your cake with. Select from the following flower arrangements ( example photos below).

Step 3 : choose your customisations (optional; additional cost apply)

All cakes can be customise with fresh flowers, cake have a buttercream exterior, elegant hand piping.  Cost vary, so please inquire for pricing.

Step 4: Choose your flavour

Visit our Flavour page to view your options. You can have a different flavour for each tier if you prefer, no more than 2-3 flavours.